cristiano cremonini tenore in tournè in iraq per la promozione della cultura patrocinato dalla Farnesina con un gruppo di artisti italiani,

The tenor from Bologna Cristiano Cremonini in IRAQ “I raise my voice in Baghdad” 11 novembre 2012

Italian culture and music are the instruments of peace in Iraq. For the first time since the fall of Saddam Hussein, Baghdad’s National Theater opens its doors to an Italian cultural event on 7 November. This first stop scheduled in Iraq’s capital will be followed by one in Iraqi Kurdistan, in the cities of Sulaimaniya (9 November) and Erbil (11 November). The list of artists performing in the event is poet Davide Rondoni, musician Ambrogio Sparagna and the ‘Orchestra Popolare italiana’, jazz artist Roberto Ottaviano, violinist Elisabetta Garetti, soprano Anna Corvino, tenor Cristiano Cremonini and pianist Francesco Ricci.

The artists will donate their performance with a view to contributing an act of solidarity with the Country aimed at bringing it out of the isolation in which it has been trapped for years, with a special focus on young people and civil society. The event was presented at the Italian Foreign Ministry by Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin, the Foreign Ministry’s Director General for Political Affairs and Security, by the Minerva project leader Pierluigi Severi, by Baktiar Amin, the President of International Alliance for Justice, by Laura Guercio President of LAW (Legal Aid Worldwide) and by Iraqi Ambassador to Italy, Saywan Barzani.

The “Culture as an Instrument of Peace” project is promoted by Minerva, by the non-profit and non-governmental organization Alliance for Justice and by LAW, under the aegis of the Italian Foreign Ministry. “The initiative that we are presenting today – De Bernardin underscored – falls within the scope of Italy’s and the Foreign Ministry’s commitment to help rebuild Iraq; a commitment that we have been bringing forward since 2003, fostering the reconstruction of Institutions, recovering their archaeological heritage and supporting culture and social society”. Barzani defined it “an excellent initiative” and “the best bridge interlinking two populations”.

The Iraqi Ambassador also thanked Italy for having helped his Country to rid itself of the regime and to recover its archaeological and cultural heritage. He concluded by praising the second training course promoted by the Foreign Ministry and opened to 20 Iraqi journalists which is scheduled to begin today and end on 2 November, an initiative that is particularly important for a Country that “needs to open up to the world after a period of isolation”.

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cristiano cremonini tenore in tournè in iraq per la promozione della cultura patrocinato dalla Farnesina con un gruppo di artisti italiani,

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