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Cristiano Cremonini: “Bologna for 2015 Lions National Convention” 23 Maggio 2013

Cristiano Cremonini: “Bologna for 2015 Lions National Convention”

“Bologna at the center of Italy,Bologna at the center of our hearts”

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Hi, my name is Cristiano Cremonini from the Bologna Lions Club.

In 2015 our club will turn 60 and we would like to celebrate this important achievement together with you.
For this reason, we would like to propose our city as the venue of the 2015 Lions National Convention.

We would like to give Bologna the best of the Italian Lions experience and to you we would like to give the possibility to discover our awesome city.

Bologna is at the centre of Italy – Bologna is at the centre of our heart.
We love our city. We are happy to bring you to discover it.

Bologna awaits you with open arms! Come with me…

« Bologna la dotta, la grassa, la rossa » (an Italian saying that means « Bologna the cultivated, the fat, the leftist »). Bologna, the liveable and hospitable city. Bologna, the queen of the Italian eat-well experience.

In 2000 it was nominated European Capital of Culture and since 2006 it is a UNESCO City of Music.

Bologna: “Alma Mater Studiorum” (this Latin formula, meaning “Mother Soul of the Studies”, is also the name of the local university). With the most ancient university in the world Bologna has always been at the centre of Italy: now on a plane, a car or a train the city is easily at reach from every corner of Italy.

In 2010 the city was an acclaimed venue of the Europa Forum.

The Lions National Convention works will take place at the Manzoni Theatre, which is located at the heart of the city in via Indipendenza. They shall also take place at the excellent four stars Royal Hotel Carlton, historical seat of our club.

The Friday concert is currently being planned together with other friends from the Bologna music scene. It shall take place at the restored Manzoni Theatre, which is the Bologna Comunale Theatre symphonic seat.

We want to take you to the Piazza Maggiore with its Neptune statue, to the D’Accursio Palace which hosts the Townhall, as well as to the Re Enzo Palace and San Petronio.

Bologna is the city of porches: the Paviglione porch represents a clear example of this. The superb Egyptian museum, the ancient Archiginnasio library with its Anatomico Theatre, the historical Zanarini café in the Galvani Piazza and the renowned Cavour Galleria, where one can find the best Italian and foreign brands…

The distinctive and tight d’Azeglio road was the home to renowned singer Lucio Dalla. Bologna is the Medieval city where small alleys are striking. Since time immemorial the two towers (Asinelli and Garisenda) are the emblem of a city where Dante’s verses still echo.

Piazza Santo Stefano and its seven churches is perhaps the most enchanting spot in Bologna. In the city centre you also may find the typical Quadrilatero market and the many historical grocery stores where one can still taste  many culinary specialties from our tradition.

The most visible sight ruling on all other is definitely the Madonna di San Luca Sanctuary on the Guardia hill. With its almost four kilometres in length, the porch of the sanctuary is perhaps the longest in the world!

Dear Lions Club friends, celebrate with us the sixtieth birthday of the Bologna Lions Club.
In 2015 chose Bologna as the Italian capital of the Lions Club National Convention.

We are waiting for you. Vote for us.

The Bologna Lions Club

Translation by Omar Ghiani


: http://bit.ly/18jZVdz             : http://bit.ly/10Nysei



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