VOCE – 65th Sanremo Song Contest – English translation

From 10th to 14th February on Rai Uno

English translation of the lyrics

Voce: “Sweeping clouds away”

“Voce: to me it’s like something which ‘sweeps clouds away’, it’s a song you can take with you, just like a hymn which can help you feel better” – Lara Fabian

(taken from the interview given on 3rd February after the rehearsals at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo)

I sing all of the silence screaming around me

“Each one of us can hear many voices from outside and inside oneself: voices, that too often remain unheard. Voices, that sometimes seem to be quiet, but that are the actual “noises” of the city, the real life, our heart. These voices always call us, and often yell, because they risk to be mixed up in the world. They lead us to calm, to balance, to understand our inner force, to take the lead of our life, its deepest meaning, to restore ourselves, to realise that happiness truly comes from within us”. (This is what the song is about)

Cristiano Cremonini


A voice for those who can’t speak, to give meaning to this time.
“Voice” is the sounds of the city, it penetrates me like the wind.
I sing all of the silence screaming around me, around me.
Tell me who you are, voice in the air.
I want to lose myself in you, I sing for you from the bottom of my soul.
With the strength to win I keep inside myself.
To live again, to dream again, just to be close to you.
This voice never stops giving meaning to this time.
I sing the deep power of calm.
Tell me who you are, voice in the wind.
I dedicate my clear singing to you, to you.
Wherever you are… your powerful breath…
To achieve again, to find again the happiness lying inside of us.

Original Italian lyrics by Cristiano Cremonini

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